Obesity is a serious health condition characterized by being grossly overweight with excess body fat, which is caused mostly by overeating – consistently taking in more calories than your body can burn off naturally. The excess body fat that comes with obesity increases your risk for many other diseases and health problems. Americans’ poor diet and eating habits and lack of physical activity or exercise have led to an obesity epidemic. More than half the adult population is now obese, and obesity among children is catching up quickly. Sadly, obesity is a totally preventable and reversible lifestyle disease. Severely obese people may need treatment with medications and surgery, but many overweight people can turn the tide on their own health by adopting healthy eating and exercise habits.

Make Your Food Your Medicine

Doctors have always believed that food is medicine, but only if we eat the right foods. It can be quite challenging to change your diet once you’ve developed a taste for sugary or salty snacks and empty calories from simple carbohydrates. The bad bacteria in your gut signal your brain to eat more junk food to feed them. Overcoming those cravings from your gut and altering what pleases your taste buds takes some time. Your diligence will pay off after a couple of weeks of eating whole, healthy foods. Suddenly those foods will taste as good to you as the junk foods you used to eat. Changing your diet it is well worth the extra effort in terms of benefits for your health. For this reason, many people are adopting plant-based, whole-food diets. Avoiding all those unnecessary sugars, salt, chemical additives and artificial ingredients found in packaged foods can be a major boost for your health. More and more people in Houston, Sugar Land and the surrounding areas are reading food labels and switching to more natural diets.

Get Up & Move More

Find some form of exercise that you enjoy and do it for at least 30 minutes at least three or four times every week religiously. It’s a proven fact that, the less we move as we get older, the less capable of moving we become. The more we move around the easier it becomes to move around and do things. The usual aches and pains we get while doing nothing soon diminish and fade away.

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Dr. Bhagia was thoughtful and compassionate; excellent bedside manner. She really listened to me and explained my thyroid issues clearly. My visit was relatively quick and the staff was efficient and personable.

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